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Hello, I am Josh Eilers a hobby filmmaker, web developer, and amateur film critic. I started the Film Auditor as a passion project with a goal in mind. I wanted to create my own unique platform that I could discuss, critique, and rave about the films that I see throughout the year.

I hope that this blog brings a new prospective to both classic and modern cinema. I want to say that I am not like other movie critics. My favorite movie is not Citizen Kane, and I honestly do not enjoy The Godfather (I know I am sorry, maybe I need to rewatch it). However, I do love some clique highbrow films such as American Beauty or The Tree of Life. This is what makes film great. Everyone reacts differently to a film, so do not be surprised if you disagree on the things I say. The purpose of this blog is to show you my perspective of film. A personal film diary that you have access to.

I will be posting on this blog about twice a month if not more if I have the time! I would love to hear from you on how I can improve this blog or share your own opinions with me by visiting the contact page.

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